12 Not So Obvious Things To Do In Your Last Month of Pregnancy

I have been a busy little bee preparing for the arrival of our new little one due mid March! Especially with moving, the holidays, and my husband being out of town a lot it feels like we are so behind in the baby prep. But I have been slowly making lists and checking things off, and finally feel like we will be ready for baby girl soon!

Being this is our third babe, I feel like I have a pretty good idea on what needs done in the home stretch and what is not worth the energy on (like cleaning bathtubs with a toothbrush). The amount of things to do before baby comes can be quite overwhelming, I am just concentrating here on some of the things I find absolutely crucial to do in those last few weeks of pregnancy! While all the things listed below may not seem absolutely necessary baby prep, I promise they will make your life a whole lot easier when baby comes!

  1. Prepare Freezer Meals – In those newborn days I vividly remember being tired, delirious, and hungry. Having meals that you can just pull out of the freezer is priceless. I usually task my mom and mother-in-law in the months ahead of baby’s arrival with making a few meals for us. Even just stocking up on a few family freezer meals at Costco or Trader Joe’s will make all the difference. Check out a few of my favorite super easy frozen meals here!
  2. Deep Clean – If your budget allows it, hire someone to come in and get your house sparkling clean! This will be some of the best money spent. I arrange a deep cleaning for one week prior to my due date and explain that I may need it a bit sooner if baby has other plans! Both of my babes have come almost a month early, and our house cleaner has easily been able to clean before we return home from the hospital. It is priceless to come home to a clean house with a newborn!
  3. Prepare for Postpartum  – I learned this one the hard way with baby #1. I was so prepared for baby, but not knowing any better did absolutely no preparation for myself! My husband was running errands in a sleep-deprived stupor trying to find these necessities. Do yourself and loved ones a favor and stock up on everything you may need for postpartum!
    With our last babe, I grabbed these items ahead of time and put in little baskets above our master toilet, and downstairs. It was a lifesaver to have these items so handy. My essentials include Earth Mama perineal spray, Earth Mama perineal balm, Tucks, perineal bottle, thick overnight pads, and perineal cold packs. Most hospitals will give you tucks, dermoplast (comparable to the perineal spray), and a perineal bottle during your stay. However, being a nurse and working in a hospital I leave those items behind when I leave (need I say more?). I had a weird reaction to dermoplast with my first babe and switched to Earth Mama products with our second. These products were just as effective and are made with all organic ingredients. These perineal cold packs are more expensive than making your own, but I have found them to be worth there weight in gold.
    This also includes your postpartum wardrobe. Think COZY, easy to nurse in, one size bigger than your regular size, and layers. Dwell and Slumber makes my absolute favorite caftans that can be worn while pregnant and postpartum. It is perfect for nursing, has pockets, and feels like butter! Shop my postpartum essentials here:

  4. Prepare for Breastfeeding – If you plan to breastfeed your babe it is good to have a few items on hand. I swear by the boppy, I know others that could do without it. I used it everyday for both my babes who I breastfed to 12 and 14 months! Again, I make two baskets of my breastfeeding necessities. They include: a good nursing cover (I never use this at home other than when in-laws are around in those first few weeks), bamboobies, disposable nursing pads (for when I forgot to clean my bamboobies!), soothies, my boppy, nipple cream, water bottle, and hand sanitizer. Water is so so important to successful breastfeeding. Having a cute water bottle on hand helps to ease the chore of chugging water 24/7. Good hygiene is so important during those early breastfeeding days. You are changing diapers constantly, in some cases helping out toddlers, and also breastfeeding. I keep hand sanitizer in my little basket for a quick clean up before I get baby latched! 
    Shop my breastfeeding essentials here:

  5. Install Car Seat – This is a great one to pass on to your significant other ;). Local fire stations, and many hospitals offer free car seat installation checks most weekend days. I highly recommend doing this!
  6. Pack Hospital Bag – I usually do this at 36 weeks. Also a bag for baby and your significant other. There are so many wonderful hospital bag lists on Pinterest, I am not going to go into detail here.
  7. Stock Up On Non-Baby Essentials – So you have enough diapers to last until the end of time, but what about toilet paper? Take a big trip to Costco, Sams, or wherever you buy items in bulk and grab all those household essentials. Think paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent (and lots of it!!), dish soap, bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner. When you finally get around to taking a shower it will be so nice to have these items at fingertips reach! 
  8. Wash baby clothes  – This is a great time to wash and hang up all those impossibly small onesies. I recommend waiting a little later with this one, especially if you are having a baby shower. This way you can just do a few loads and be done! Don’t forget to wash all of babies’ blankets, swaddles, sheets, and anything else newborn skin will be touching.
  9. Select a Few Birth Announcements, Buy Stamps – The end of your third trimester is a great time to pick out a few birth announcement options. It’s relaxing and exciting all in one! Select a few favorites now. I promise you, you will be SO happy you did this. Once you get your newborn photos all you have left to do is try them out in the announcements you narrowed it down to. Rather than searching all the cards in a half sleep state. I also get my list of addresses together and buy stamps. It’s so nice having this all set and ready to go! My favorite places to shop for birth announcements are minted.com and tinyprints.com.
  10. Purchase gifts, birthday cards, thank you cards etc – Stock up on plenty of thank you cards. I somehow always run out, and am last minute ordering more. Target, Papyrus, and HomeGoods have some of my favorite box cards. I did this before our second was born and oh my was it helpful. Grab a few birthday, anniversary, and congratulation cards the next time you are out. It will save you the hassle and stress once baby is born. My son’s birthday is the same as our due date and my husband’s birthday is a week later. So I have started brainstorming gift ideas and plan to purchase those soon so it’s not something else I need to be thinking about in those first few weeks of postpartum!
  11. Prepare diaper caddies – I prepare two diaper caddies to have around the house. Obviously, one for the nursery and the other for another part of your house you will be changing diapers at. Especially if you have other kiddos in the family, it will be so convenient to be able to change your newborn wherever you spend the most amount of time in your home. The diaper caddy can literally be a small basket with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a blanket to change baby on, and a birp cloth. Super easy, and I promise it will come in handy!
  12. Pamper Yourself/ Relax – Last, but probably most importantly. And honestly, one I am terrible at. It is so important to get some time for yourself. Even if it is simply getting your haircut, or having your significant other take out the other kids in the family so you can have quiet time at home. You are about to birth a human being, so take some much deserved time for yourself!

I hope this helps you to get organized and make the most of your last few weeks of pregnancy! I really can’t believe I am in the home stretch now and that any day we could become a family of 5! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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