6 Ways to Turn A Coat Closet into a Mudroom

Every single winter since the boys were born I mutter to myself how I wish our home had a designated mudroom. Lately, the muttering has turned into more of a cursing/complaining on how we need a mudroom. Our laundry room is the first door when you come in from the garage, so it makes sense it would work as a mudroom as well. Except one thing, it is a tiny space. But that didn’t stop me from trying to turn it into a mudroom last winter. I hung hooks and cubbies up high thinking that would help. To this day we use this system, thus my muttering turned cursing. There are four main reasons why it simple just fails us as an active family of four.

1. You can’t open the laundry room door all the way. We have to shimmy in sideways, leaving the hamper at the door because it doesn’t fit.
2. The boys can’t reach the cubbies, or coat hooks.
3. We can not easily see the cubbies and hooks behind the door.
4. No where for shoes/boots to be contained. 

When it is time to bundle up to go outside, I am literally doing laps around the house trying to put together the different pieces of the puzzle that equals getting the boys dressed to handle the cold temperatures. This is what has driven me to say, there has got to be a better way? And not to mention we go in and outside all day long. We spend hours and hours per day playing outside. Thus, we are using our coats, hats, scarves, and boots constantly. Yesterday, in complete frustration with this failing system, I almost ripped the cubbies and hooks off the wall in the laundry room and told the boys to just throw there sh** anywhere. But then I breathed and decided that would not be a good example! This near meltdown has motivated me to finally make a designated “mudroom” in our home.
I searched our home up and down and then came upon one very unused space, our downstairs coat closet! The coat closet is in the hallway by the garage door, where we come in and out all day. It is currently just a catch-all closet, but is screaming to be used. I can not believe I haven’t thought about this before! The coat closet will be turned into the mudroom! After that was decided, I started scouring Pinterest for ideas. I was amazed at the beautiful designs people have come up with for there previous cluttered closet space. Sit back and take a peek at these 6 beautiful sources of inspiration and how they each uniquely turned an ordinary closet into an extraordinary mudroom space.

  1. Burst Of Beautiful Blog – Love the functionality and beauty. It would be hard to close the door on this charming mudroom.
  2. Caught in Grace – The beautiful paneling and divided cubbies are what mudroom dreams are made of.
  3. The Schimdt Home – The built-ins and bench with a special spot for mini shoes makes this mudroom perfection.
  4. Make It & Love it – Organized, practical, beautiful. Love all the storage they created.
  5. Saw Dust Girl – This one was not a closet before. But I would love to incorporate this design into our closet mudroom. The three separate cubbies are a perfect way to keep the kiddos things organized and clutter free.
  6. Miss in the Midwest – The contrast in colors really makes this mudroom pop. And those bench built-ins are divine!

I can not get enough of these practical and gorgeous mudrooms! What we took from these designs is not only are they beautiful but super functional for a family. After drooling over these closet mudrooms we narrowed it down to our must-haves:
1. A Durable Bench – A place for the boys to sit and put their shoes, coats, gloves on.
2. Designated Cubbies – So everything has a place. Especially, shoes. We need shoe access to be really easy. Not only for putting shoes on, but also putting them away. All of these inspirational mudrooms, have a designated spot for common items.
3. Hooks – The current clothes hanging pole needs to go, and hooks will show up in its place. Hooks are more practical because they can hold so much more than just clothes!

I am so excited to get started on this project! This weekend I plan on removing the existing pole, painting the closet Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (left over from dining room), and possibly adding board and batten or bead board. Hopefully it will be finished before winter is over, ha! We can not wait to share our progress with you. Do you have a mudroom? Or have you had to be creative like these bloggers? I would love to hear how you keep your family organized all year long. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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