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Rustic Farmhouse Fireplace Inspiration From Fixer Upper

So…it may seem a little strange that I am sharing ideas about rustic fireplaces today because after all it is finally Spring! And hopefully our fireplace won’t be getting much more use anytime soon. But let’s face it, while fireplaces are great to keep our houses warm and cozy in the winter months, all year long

My Favorite Rustic Farmhouse Finds at Hobby Lobby

I have been really selective about what I put back on our walls and into our home after recently getting the main living areas, halls, and playroom of our home painted. It was almost like we were moving in all over again, starting with a fresh canvas! Of course, the furniture was already there, but

Hi, I'm Jess. Soon to be mom of three and lover of all things decor and design. Follow along as we renovate our newly bought farmhouse one room at at time, and welcome baby #3. So happy you are here!


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