Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Total confession. It has snowed all day long the past two days, and all I can think about is decorating our front porch for Spring. I know, crazy, but whatever gets you through the cold months, right? While the boys were napping, I put together this super easy no glue spring wreath. I almost didn’t share this one because it is so duper super simple! But ultimately decided this DIY wreath was too easy, cheap, and fun to not share. And you might even already have everything on hand needed to create this Spring wreath. For $10 and under 10 minutes, I walked away with a new wreath for our front door! For now, we will keep it inside and dream about Spring.

I started with a basic grapevine wreath. For $4.99 you really can not beat it! It is so versatile and the possibilities are endless. I made this wreath for our front door which is covered from the elements by a storm door. Because of this, I decided to not use glue or floral hooks. My wreath won’t need to withstand wind and rain so I chose not to glue everything in place so I can just take it apart at the end of Spring and freshen it up for Summer, Fall, and Winter! Talk about multi-faceted, right?! But of course, you can glue or wire anything in place if that is your preference! I also like using small ornament hooks to secure my stems in place, because I always have ones left over from Christmas. It just wasn’t necessary with the stems I chose. Okay, so let’s take a look at this easy peasey DIY!What You Will Need:

  • 18″ Grapevine wreath// Hobby Lobby $4.99
  • Ribbon with metal ends of your preference// Leftover from other projects
  • 3-4 Springs of your choice// I used dried flowers, 2 sprigs lambs ear, 1 cotton sprig, and 2 lavender sprigs  = At most $5
  • ** Quick Side note – Mine cost less than $10 because I used things that I had on hand and bought stems when they were 50% off. Even if you buy it all new you can still do it for $10, just look for cheap stems and sale items. Especially at Hobby Lobby stems and ribbon go on sale at least every 4 weeks.

Once you have your supplies gathered it’s time to make your very own Spring wreath! I always choose grapevine wreaths that have really thick vines, this makes it easier to stick your stems in securely without needing glue. I start by rotating my wreath to decide where I want the top to be. This one was a bit more oval in shape, which I like. Once you know how your wreath will hang it’s time to start adding your stems. These bunches of dried flowers are tucked all around our home, and had this extra one lying in the basement. These are actually what inspired this wreath! The dried flowers are from a small flower shop years ago, but I see them at small boutiques and craft stores for cheap. I used three sprigs total and weaved them in the direction of the other vines. The goal here is to have them look like they were part of the wreath from the beginning. Working with dried flowers is messy, see exhibit A below for evidence!   

Next up is adding your floral sprigs. One look at my house and you aren’t shocked that I chose lavender, lambs ear, and cotton. I am sucker for these. If you have a bunch of stems, using a wire cutter or sharp pair of scissors, cut an individual sprig from your stem, about an inch below from where your leaves stop. This gives you plenty of space to twist the stem into the wreath. First, I added two lavender sprigs and twisted them right into the grapevine. Easy! Next, two sprigs of lambs ear twisted right in again. Then, I used one sprig of cotton. All together I probably used $3 worth of flowers. It really doesn’t need much and looks so full on the wreath!

After your stems are how you like them, add your ribbon. Burlap is always my go to, but anything will do. Just use a nice thickness. This one was leftover from other projects. I wrapped my burlap at the end of my stems to make it look like a bunch of flowers from the farmers market were just simple added to this wreath. Twist it around your wreath 3-4 times, slightly overlapping it, then tie a messy knot. Done! Of course you can tie a bow, or leave more ribbon dangling, completely personal preference. I then used another piece of burlap for the top of the wreath to hang it from the door. I just draped it over the wreath and will secure it to the door by this piece. For now, while it hangs inside I won’t need it. Here it is on the inside of the door without the cotton. I found my cotton around Fall at Hobby Lobby, but it is harder to come by. I wanted to show you, it is still beautiful without the cotton! It was too cold, to put it on the front of the door, but you get the point!

 Until the snow stops, and it becomes a little more “Spring” outside, it will hang on this window. It instantly brought a little bit of Spring to this corner of our home. Do you love grapevine wreaths? What are some of your favorite ways to use them? As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Grape Vine Wreath// Hobby Lobby
Lavender, Lambs Ear, Cotton// Hobby Lobby
Mirror// Antique Store
For all the sources on this plant cart see this post.


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