Friday Favorites: 7 Family Command Centers for the New Year

This year more so than others, I am ready to say goodbye to 2016. It brought death, sadness, and honestly times I could have done without. Throughout it all, I had my family and that is exactly who I will be ringing in the new year with! I have never been big on new year’s resolutions, but I am all for self-reflection and improvement. For the most part I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person. However, it amazes me how if we don’t have a designated place for new or old items coming into our home that they quickly turn into piles on my desk. One thing I can not stand is piles! Piles of mail, paper, laundry, no thank you! We don’t have any big projects going on at the moment, just a lot of ideas swirling. So with the new year as motivation, I plan on taking the weekend to get organized. I have been eyeing different wall systems and organization for the wall next to my desk. There are so many great and affordable options for wall systems and organization. Not only are they super functional, but also look great. It was hard to narrow it down to just 7!

1. Whitewashed Wall Hooks Organizer – I love this chalkboard organizer from Pier 1. It is perfect for any farmhouse or rustic decor, and could stand alone or be combined with other items based on your needs.  2. Black Metal and Enamel Wall Storage – How fun is this one? I love it as a fun accent for a family command center simply for its unique design. I especially love the number hooks that could be used for extra keys, rubber bands, tape, you name it!3. Wall-Mount Multipurpose Organizer – I think this one is my favorite! It has that rustic farmhouse feel that always calls my name. I can picture it with a chalkboard, clock, and small row of hooks to round out a simple yet organized family command center.
4. Command Center Chalkboard – Love the practically of the built-in calendar on the chalkboard and basket. You don’t need much more, making it perfect for small spaces.  5. Pottery Barn Galvanized System Components – I couldn’t make this list without including one of Pottery Barn’s popular command centers. This galvanized one is my favorite from their collections. Each component fits so well with the others. You could mix and match these with other less expensive options as well. 6. Modular Wall Storage – This set from World Market is made for the kitchen, but I see it just as easily working as a command center. You could use all   the pieces from this collection or mix and match.

7. Chalkboard Mail Sorter – I have a thing for galvanized metal and numbers, what can I say? I love the simplicity of this mail sorter. The chalkboard in the middle is just the icing on the cake. This is the perfect piece for a small area, or as an anchor in a gallery wall or command center.
I hope you find these wall organizers and family command centers helpful for starting off the New Year on the right foot! I am thinking where I currently have the “Fresh Cut Flowers sign” some of these items would be a great addition! Wishing you a weekend of celebration on another year well done and thoughts of a wonderful year to come. Thanks for stopping by! For more on my current office space and sources, see this post!





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