Introducing Farmhouse Blooms and Life Changes

Hi Friends! So… long time no see, is kind of an understatement. I took some time off from the blog because well… honestly I needed it. And I am so happy I took that much needed time, because now I am back refreshed and more focused. Not only did I need that time, but I owed it to you my readers too! We had so much going on in our lives, that I truly could not devote time to quality content. And I always promised myself and you guys that I would only blog if I was posting content I loved and felt you would love too. So with that being said, let’s jump right into all the changes that have taken place around here (hold onto your hats folks)!

  1. New Name, New Look
    During my time off, I knew when I came back I wanted to rename the blog and give it a fresh look! So the most obvious change is the new blog name: Farmhouse Blooms. I’ll chat more about it in a second, but we moved! To our dream farmhouse! I really wanted to incorporate our new home into my blog title, because all of my new content will revolve around our new home! I have always loved the word “bloom”. It can take on so many different meanings, but they all remind me of something positive, beautiful, and ever-changing. And I hope that is what you see here on the blog positive, bright, and every changing content. Some days the content might be about the process of buying our dream home, others it may be about the challenges of motherhood. But in my mind those are all “daily blooms”. Not every flower always has big bright blooms, sometimes they are just budding or may be wilting. And I say embrace every bloom for what it is! And I plan to share all of that with you – the good, bad, and ugly. I also plan to have a post once a week titled “Weekly Blooms”, that will let you know what we are up to just in general and what we are loving at the moment. I am excited about “Weekly Blooms” because I think it will allow me to connect more with you!
    Besides the new name, you may notice a new layout. I love the streamlined look of the new blog layout, and hope you find it easier to read content and explore the blog! I also deleted a lot of old content. Honestly, I just wanted a fresh start and fresh content for all of you. Although, I did keep my top most popular posts!
  2. We moved!
    I will share all about this soon (it took 6 months of looking with plenty of challenges along the way!). I also plan to share the process of selling our old house with two toddlers trying to sabotage every single showing. But ultimately we sold our old house in 6 days! In those 6 days we had 32 showings! Guys 32 showings in 6 days, do the math. It was totally bonkers! We moved from our old house on November 29, so yup we did this all right in the middle of the holidays! We are still in the same town in Colorado just 10 miles down the road, to our dream street, and dream home. Every day we wake up not believing how everything just came together. If you told us just two months ago we would be living here we would not believe you! I can’t wait to share our new home with you and all of our plans for it! Here is a sneak peak of it on Christmas Day.
  3. Baby #3!
    We will be welcoming baby #3 in March! We are all so excited and feel so fortunate to welcome another little one to our pack and count our blessings every single day. This pregnancy has been wayyyy different from my other two: more fatigue, lots of vomiting, and more weight gain (sounds fun, right!?). I LOVE pregnancy, what can I say?! Even with the fatigue, vomiting, and weight gain there is just something so special about this time and I will so miss those little hiccups and kicks. It is hard to believe we are just two months away from having a newborn in our household!

So many exciting things and we can’t wait to share our new journey with you. Thank you so much for staying along for the ride!

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Hi, I'm Jess. Soon to be mom of three and lover of all things decor and design. Follow along as we renovate our newly bought farmhouse one room at at time, and welcome baby #3. So happy you are here!


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