Meet Our Colorado Farmhouse

Happy Monday! Hopefully, you are enjoying the day off today. The boys are home from school, and the snow is coming down here in Colorado. We have plans for sledding, snowman making, and lots of hot chocolate!

Last week, I talked all about our journey to finding our dream home (post here). Before we get to the inside of our house, I thought it be fun for you to learn more about our house in general! This week I will be sharing bits and pieces of the inside of our home, like the vintage fireplace we mounted just before Christmas in our front room! I can’t wait to share it with you, but first let’s meet our Colorado Farmhouse!

Is it truly a farmhouse?
Because we are calling it a farmhouse, I thought I should clarify this one right off the bat! To us, it is as much of a farmhouse as we will ever find in Colorado! We are on just under two acres and directly over our fence are quite a few barns with every farm animal your heart desires. Watching the cows graze on grass is one of our favorite things to do. And almost every day people come by on horseback and the boys feed the horses carrots and apples! But no we don’t have any farm animals on our property nor is it allowed, nor do we have a barn. But I will continue to call it a farmhouse, because that is truly how it feels to us. Even if it is not the perfect definition of one!

Where is it located?
Colorado. Just 10 minutes down the road from our old house, and where we lived for the previous 5 years. It’s in a “farm subdivision”. In Colorado, that simple just means farmland and open space is surrounding it. Which is hard to find, and why we feel so grateful to be here. Each of the houses on our street have so much character and I love going out for our daily walks and just staring at all the beauty. We are also at the end of the cul-de-sac which is just so perfect with the boys. In the past month we have spent hours riding bikes, sledding, and snowboarding (us pulling the boys on their snowboards!) in the cul-de-sac.

When was it built?
It was built 12 years ago. It has had two owners for about 6 years each since then. We met the previous owners at closing and they were the sweetest family ever! They have four kids and were moving closer to all of there activities, and were an absolute dream to buy from. They left the house so immaculate and made coming into our new house so special.

What condition was it in?
Overall in excellent condition. Just not our style inside and out dated. But the previous owners really took great care of the home. The kitchen, lighting, and bathrooms are the most outdated aspects. The kitchen is way too dark for our taste, and way too many cabinets, so that will be our biggest renovation in the next few years but not something we have plans for in the near future. We’ve been working on changing out all the lighting since we moved in, and it has made such a difference. The bathrooms we will pick away at because they will not be small projects!

What is your favorite thing about the house?
The large gazebo in the backyard. I can not wait to get it all decorated this Spring, I see us living out there! Next would be the property itself and exterior design of the home.

What is your least favorite thing about the house?
It was hands down the peninsula fireplace that was smack dab in the middle of the kitchen and living room. We had our contractor remove it literally the day we closed on the house! For one it was super dangerous, jutting out into the kitchen and living room. And secondly, it totally cut off the flow of those rooms. It makes such a difference now that it is gone!

Are you doing renovations on it?
You betcha! Before we moved in we picked a few priorities that would be really difficult to have completed while living here especially with being pregnant and the kiddos. The bigger “renovations” have been completed for now, and we will start back up with bigger projects again this Summer after the baby is born and things settle a bit.

What renovations have you done so far?
As mentioned above we had the fireplace removed from the center of the living room/dining room, removed a few walls with weird built-ins in the living room, removed a closet from the hall to give extra space and a wall to decorate ;). We also gutted the existing mudroom and added a bench with storage, open lockers, and beautiful flooring (reveal coming this week!). Lastly, we added a breakfast nook in the kitchen and built-ins in the office. That was all done in a little less that two weeks, thanks to our awesome carpenter/contractor that we worked with.

What smaller, DIY projects have you completed?
We haven’t had too much time for DIY and even decorating in the past month, but we did add a half shiplap chair rail wall to our oldest son’s room, a planked reclaimed wall to our youngest son’s room, and reclaimed fireplace to our front room. Each of these projects has helped make the house feel like ours!

What projects are up next?
So many, where do I even begin! The previous owners had every wall painted white before they put the house on the market, which it is really nice to have that clean slate. But after living in it for a month we are ready for some warmer paint colors on a few of the walls. So next up is getting a few rooms painted! And completing the nursery. With just a little over two months until baby #3 arrives, the nursery is where my head is at right now. But I am completely stuck! So hopefully I come up with a game plan soon!

I think that pretty much sums it all up! If you have any other questions just let me know. Wishing you a wonderful start of the week, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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