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Last night, I was going through the boys’ closets packing up items they have outgrown. It is always nice getting there closets cleaned out, but it is bittersweet watching bigger clothes replace the smaller ones. Meaning they are getting bigger and bigger, and there is nothing I can do about it. I remember, like yesterday, when there closets were filled with the tiniest, cutest newborn clothes. The time truly flies by.

While I was packing up their clothes (with tears in my eyes), I came across my maternity bin and noticed a stack of pregnancy and baby books. I flipped through them reminiscing on how excited and nervous we were when we read those books for the first time. We were the first of many of our friends, family members, and co-workers to have kids so we really relied on those books for advice. I remember reading “A Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy” at work in the middle of the night 7 months pregnant. These books helped ease my anxiety about becoming a new mom and where I turned for answers at 3 am.

Even as a second time mom, I still referenced these books regularly during pregnancy and in the newborn stages. There are so many wonderful sources for new parents now, but to me these books will always be special because they were my first encounter with pregnancy and motherhood. Today, I wanted to share our favorite ten books for pregnancy, parenting, and getting your baby to sleep. I hope that one of these may be exactly what you need to calm your nerves about peeing when you sneeze at 7 months pregnant, or answer your question at midnight when your baby is staring at you wide-eyed!

  1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Our Obgyn gave us this book when we found out we were pregnant with our first. It is a classic book that has been read for decades. I skimmed this book during both pregnancies. I really liked the nutritional tips throughout.
  2. Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy – A must-read during pregnancy. All of my mom friends agree. It is such a great first read as a mom because it keeps things real from the beginning!
  3. One Year to an Organized Life With Baby – Many of you may not think this is a must read book during pregnancy (and I totally understand that reasoning!). But I was in major nesting mode from the moment I became pregnant, so this was such a great way for me to see that it will all get done before baby comes. I love how Regina Leeds picks organization tasks based on where you are in your pregnancy.
  4. Baby Bargains – One of my husbands co-workers suggested this book for us when we were trying to sort through what we really needed for our new baby. It gives different price points for baby items, and helps you decide when it is worth splurging or saving. It is also clearly tells you if certain products just aren’t necessary!
  5. Belly Laughs – I actually never read this one. But I have heard it is well worth the read.
  6. Moms On Call Basic Baby Care – This one and Healthy Sleep Habits were my holy grails. Both of our boys were sleeping 6-8 hours a night by 8 weeks because of this book. No exaggeration. I absolutely have to have a schedule, and this book lays out schedules for different milestones in the first 6 months. These schedules have led us to have a routine to this day that we all benefit from. I really can not say enough good things about this one!
  7. The Happiest Baby on the Block – Our Obgyn makes every one of her patients watch this video. It truly gives you everything you need to know for those first few nights home with your new baby. It’s seriously essential to all new parents. Dr. Harvey Karp breaks it down so nicely, so even the most sleep deprived parent can learn from his tips.
  8. The Wonder Weeks – A calendar and checklist help make this book so easy to love. It carefully documents your child’s developmental progress with trusted answers along the way.
  9. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child  – We used Moms on Call to help us with bedtime routine and sleep, and Healthy Sleep Habits for nap time routine and sleep. We would have been lost without this book! Our neighbors could not get there 6 month old daughter to sleep at night or take naps. I let them borrow this book and within 2 weeks she was sleeping 8-10 hours a night and taking 2-3 hours naps twice a day. It is a winner!
  10. The Sleep Easy Solution  – I have not read this one, but I have heard it is a game changer. Jennifer and Jill even help you getting your preschooler to sleep!

It was so fun putting together this list, and taking a trip down memory lane. It has only been two years since I glanced at these books, but it truly feels like a lifetime ago. Two little ones under two sure makes time fly! As always, thanks for stopping by!



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