An Old Toolbox and New Updates in the Entryway

A few weekends ago, we stopped into one of my favorite antique shops and found this vintage toolbox tucked in the back corner of the store. I squinted at the price for a good 30 seconds, because I could not believe I saw $20! I whisked it up quickly and headed to the register, thinking everyone else in the store is going to want this… forgetting I had two small children with me (whoops)! Luckily, my husband was there and watching the kids because he knows how I get! Once, we got it home, the toolbox was even more unique than I had originally noticed. It has these amazing metal locks and thick sturdy wood. The top of the toolbox has a water ring, that I imagine came from one hardworking individuals sweating water cup (or may have happened in the antique shop, but I’ll go with the prior!). This vintage toolbox was such a fun surprise to find and I am so proud to add it to our home!

I didn’t originally know where I wanted to put it, so I walked around with this heavy toolbox trying it out in different spots. My husband laughed as he watched me carry it around our house….no shame in my game. Nowhere was working, until I tried it in the entryway. It slid right under our bench, like it had been longing to be placed there! With the new toolbox in place I was motivated to give the entry area a little refresh.

 I have always loved this half rounded wall by our staircase. It is the first thing visitors see when they open the door, but is not the easiest to style because there is not much flat wall. I still really love it though, because it makes me have to get more creative. We got this bench a few years ago, that I had been eyeing forever. It is still one of my favorite pieces in our home. I think the toolbox feels natural here under the bench, adding the perfect vintage vibe to our entry. And of course these grain sack pillows! You saw these beauties pop up in our new playroom, and I just couldn’t help but add a few to our entryway. They are warm, cozy, and inviting. You can see this area from the other living spaces of our home, so I wanted to keep it simple and act as an introduction to the rest of the spaces. Not it looks welcoming, rustic, and simple! Pretty much sums us up as a whole!

It never ceases to surprise me how something old can make a space look like new! So what do you think of our “new” old toolbox? Do you have any items like this in your home? As always, thanks for stopping by!

Grain sack pillow covers// withlavenderandgrace
Plaid pillows// Ikea
Bench// Arhaus
Glass containers// Arhaus (discontinued, but similar here)
Toolbox, Cement Wall Art// Vintage finds
Basket, White Blankets// HomeGoods
Grey Blanket// World Market

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