Our Farmhouse Office

Today I am so excited to share our office in the farmhouse with you! This office has been a longgg time coming. We did not have one in our old house, just a little desk in the kitchen, and an office was on the very top of our list for our new home. My husband works really long hours and I am so happy he finally has a place he can work from home!

Of course, I right off the bat have to mention the parts of the office that aren’t quite complete yet! We plan to paint the walls, add blinds and a rug, and I need to finish the decor in the bookcases. Other than that it is a fully functioning office, and has been used quite a bit already!

Because we knew the office was going to be one of the most used rooms in the house, we did work on it before we even moved in. We had our carpenter add these bookcases against the back wall and could not be happier with how they turned out! We wanted to to add the bookcases not only for cosmetics but also functionality and they tick off both boxes! There were many doing different projects going on at the time, and we didn’t want to break the bank on these bookcases, and found the perfect solution…kitchen cabinet bases from Lowes!

We simply purchased 3 cabinets and then had our carpenter build the shelving on top of them. To really have a custom look we added the backing, trim, and crown molding. We painted everything SW Alabaster and added hardware from Hobby Lobby. I love how custom it looks, without the custom price tag! These shelves are still a work in progress, but they have been so fun to style!

One of the first lights we changed in the house was this one in the office. This rustic wood pendant light above the desk gives this room such a warm and “officey” feel. The desk is from IKEA and we really can not recommend it enough. It is built so well, and has such a classic design. It fits the space perfect too! I wish we did not have to have these HUGE, ugly, black computers smack dab in the middle of the desk, but my husband has to have these computers for work. And at the end of day it’s all about practicality (kind of!).

Let’s take one minute to talk about this desk chair. I had been eyeing it for months and bought it the day we closed on the house! It exceeded all my expectations. My husband who is pretty picky about his chairs even talks about how comfortable and “pretty” it is! The shelves have a lot of decor on them, so I wanted to go simple on the walls. This clock was the perfect way to give this wall some functionality without cluttering the space. 

We also made this little corner in the office a bit more functional and more our style! By simple painting the already existing cabinets white, adding matching hardware and shelves, and installing this beautiful tile over the tile that was previously there! I can’t believe what a difference these updates make to this little nook. Originally, I wanted to just drywall over that little nook! But after hours of staring at that space, we finally came up with a way to make it work! The tile is extra from our mudroom (reveal coming soon) and was a last minute decision. I love the custom look it gives to this little nook! I added a few locker baskets and lambs ear for now but will be restyling this spot soon!

We always knew we wanted to have a designated “reading/meeting” area under these bay windows. The chairs add a hint of color to the room and I especially love how they have the little wheels on the legs, just like the desk chair! We adore this little spot and find myself at night sitting in one of those comfy chairs while my husband finishes up work for the day.

And a peak at the before, you can see it was dark and felt really crammed. Once the previous owners moved there things out, we could really see all the possibilities for the space!

This room is probably the closest of all the rooms to being finished in the new house! I can not wait to add bamboo blinds to this space and a rug and call one room complete! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Lambs ear// HomeGoods
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