Our Forever Home

Before I share more about our new home, I want to tell you all about how we got here! Let’s start at the very beginning. Why did we decide to move from our labor of love home? It was not an easy decision, in the least. My husband and I talked about it actually for almost a year, before we found a realtor and began looking. We started the house hunting process with the mindset that we would only purchase a home that we truly saw as our forever home. There would be no settling, no thoughts of well maybe we will live here for 5 years then move, we would only purchase a home if we saw it as our forever home. We felt very strongly that we would know the house when we walked into it.

I absolutely loved our old house, it was our first house together, and the home we began a family in. Our neighbors were an absolute dream, and still are our best friends. We all have kiddos around the same age, and it was like one big block party 365 days a year. I will always miss that. But something was always missing from that home that kept us from feeling like it was a long term house. It was a cookie cutter home, had no character, and had a TON of new development going on around it. We knew if we sold the house now we would make a great profit off of it, and it may not be like that a few years from now. We were also trying for baby #3, and knew if we did get pregnant we were going to eventually want to move so that we had enough room for a family of 5!

Our original plan was to stay in the area, by looking at a few towns all within a 20 minute radius of one another. This way work commutes would stay the same and we would still be close to friends. The more we looked at houses, the more we realized that our house was amazing! Seriously, it just showed us that we bought at the right time and got super lucky. Nothing could compare to our location, neighborhood, and house itself for the money. We were pretty deflated and rethinking moving in the first place. Then two months into the house hunting process I found out I was pregnant, and then it got real. That’s when for both my husband and I, it became more of a need to move then  the thought “maybe we should move”. We both knew it was time to move into a house that we saw longterm potential in and with enough space for our growing family.

We gave ourselves a November 1 deadline to find a home. This would allow us a few months to get settled in our new home before baby #3 arrived. If we couldn’t find something by then we would wait until this coming summer. A week later our dream home came up. It was in a farm area that we had dreamed about living in, and houses never came up for sale. Each house is set on acres of land, yet close to school and parks. It was our dream scenario. We arranged to see it immediately and fell in love as we walked through the door. Even before our realtor could get out the words that the sellers had just accepted an offer…what?! We were in shock it had been on the market for less that 24 hours, we were in the house, and they had accepted an offer…from a different buyer?! As we walked around the house, we knew it was where we wanted to be. It was our dream home. We left the property discouraged and stunned. Well long story short, after a long waiting game, we didn’t get the house. They accepted the original offer and our backup was never needed. We were deflated. It had been almost four months of looking and to be so close to finding our dream home was just heartbreaking.

After nothing came on the market for weeks on end that was worth even checking out, we had a team meeting. We decided it was time to widen where we were looking. Next thing I knew we were looking at a town an hour from where we currently lived. It is a beautiful area, and my husband fell in love with it. His commute wouldn’t be that much longer and it was an area he had always loved. I was willing to look at houses, but was scared of all the changes taking place at once. A town that far from where we currently lived meant everything would change. New schools, new friends, new hospital to deliver baby at, new everything. As we spent four weekends looking at this new area I felt myself getting more anxious by the second. I finally confessed to my husband, that it was just too far from where we lived and loved and more change than I was ready to make. Thankfully he completely understood and agreed. We both knew where we wanted to be, in the farm area just miles down the road.

By now it was October and we were still looking everyday at the MLS, but settling into the idea we would stay at our house until the following summer and start the search again. And we were okay with that. Because we truly loved our house and the life we had there. It just felt like the universe was saying now was not the time to move.

And then it happened a week before Halloween, my husband called me from work and said the house we have driven by for years is for sale. I was in shock, I hung up immediately and grabbed my phone. No way, no way, no way is all my mind could compute. But it was true (or that would have been a very sick joke) 4 houses down from the house we lost, our dream farmhouse came on the market. It was on the cul-de-sac with mountain views and a house that we had talked about for years. Months before we even had talked about possibly building a home to look like this home that we had eyed from the street for years! Guys, I started crying…not just a few tears, but 5 months pregnant sobbing. Before we even stepped foot into the house, we loved it. It was then that we knew we lost the original house on this same street so we would end up here. Everything happens for a reason.

And so it happened, we were the first people in the door, they accepted our offer, and we closed in 45 days. A week later our house was on the market. 6 days later our house was under contract. November 29th we moved to our forever home. It was the craziest month and a half of my life. It was stressful, exhausting, and exciting all at the same time. But we did it and we are here in our forever home. The boys are adjusting so so well. And every day we truly can’t believe we are here.

I will go into detail all about our new farmhouse in plenty of posts in the near future, but wanted to touch on a few quick things! The bones of the house checked off everything we had on our wish list: an office, 5 bedrooms, a playroom, a large backyard, and tranquil setting. While the outside has that farmhouse feel that we absolutely love, the inside doesn’t match up. But of course that is what made me love the house more! We will be updating and renovating it room by room. I have so many plans and can’t wait to share it all with you!

Soon I will also share all the details about the selling of our old house and what it was like doing 32 showings 5 months pregnant in 6 days with a 2 1/2 year old, 4 year old, and 2 dogs. But for now this is plenty ;).

So without further ado, our farmhouse!

These photos are from the previous owner, but I wanted you to see it before everything went stark for winter!

And here’s what it looks like today. The first thing we did was add these hanging lanterns to the front porch, a few rocking chairs, and some pots with plants. I can not wait to get my hands on this porch this Spring and Summer! But for now, I still think it’s pretty charming.

And a few weeks ago at Christmas with a fresh snow!  

I hope you enjoyed our story of finding our forever home, and it helps give you hope if you are in the middle of a house hunt that is going nowhere. Don’t give up, what you are looking for is out there, it is just a matter of time and patience! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Hi, I'm Jess. Soon to be mom of three and lover of all things decor and design. Follow along as we renovate our newly bought farmhouse one room at at time, and welcome baby #3. So happy you are here!


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