Playroom Progress

I am so excited to share our playroom progress with you today! I know I sound like a broken record but it isn’t done, quite yet. We had planned on putting shiplap on the wall behind the couch this weekend, but ended up with two sick kiddos. We decided to put the gallery wall up and do the shiplap in the near future. We are also in the process of changing out of all the current blinds for new window treatments. Right now bamboo blinds are in the lead! Even though it isn’t completely done yet, I still wanted to share it with you! And let me set the record straight this room is never this clean! I am so happy to report that this room finally feels like a playroom, not just a den that the boys took over with trucks and balls.

I have talked about this space a lot in the past (here and here). It is an open area with a half wall between our three bedrooms on the second story. We originally had it set up as a den space before the boys were born, and it has slowly turned into the playroom. When we are inside this is where we spend most of our play time. We try really hard to keep the rather large toys and major toy playing to this upstairs area, to ward off our house turning into a toy store. Now with this designated playroom it should be much easier!

As you can see the playroom is right off of the boys’ rooms. We love the playroom here because while they are playing (or whatever they do!), I can be putting clothes away in their rooms and things like that. Shortly after Brooks was born, we added these cubbies and shelves. I still think they go well with the rest of the space, but I do have plans to paint them a lighter color soon. I recently added these two fun baskets for bigger toys, like trucks and police helmets… the goal was to make sure everything had a space, while not overcrowding it with baskets. I mixed up the baskets a lot so it doesn’t feel redundant or overwhelming. I think they all compliment each other without it feeling like we have 197 of the same toy baskets. We purchased this slipcovered sleeper sofa from IKEA about a month ago and can not say enough great things about it (full post here)! It cleans so well, and I love that I don’t have to stress too much about spills and crumbs on the couch because I can just throw the slipcover in the wash. I have vacuumed up crumbs and dog hair a few times now, making the couch look just like the day we brought it home! The slipcover makes it so we can have a light-colored couch in the playroom, which is an extra bonus. We have used the sleeper once, and our guest said it was very comfortable. I added these pillows to add some blue/gray to the space, and again they are pillow covers that can be washed. Pretty and practical! The “blessed” pillow is one of the my all time favorites, and I love it here in the playroom. That truly sums up how we feel about our crazy boys.

We knew that we wanted to do a fun gallery wall above the couch when we first started planning this room (inspiration here). I also know that our kiddos jump on the couch on the daily, so anything that we hung needed to be light (incase it falls) and durable. I mixed kid themed decor with found objects to give it a rustic look. The different messages spoke to us, and I love that they always hang above where the boys play. I know I used “blessed” again, but I just could not help it, that is how we feel! Don’t mind the carbon monoxide monitor off to the side there, it is just one of those ugly things you just have to have. So far, the boys haven’t seem interested in the gallery wall, but time will tell!  I had been eyeing the alphabet and number wall plaques for many months for this space. My mother-in-law got them for me for Christmas, and I have been anxiously waiting to hang them in the playroom. I love that they are kiddo related but with a farmhouse vibe! We recently purchased the media stand for extra toy storage and our television. We originally were not going to keep the television in this space, but it is really the only place we watch TV as a family. It is the perfect spot for movie night! Before the cable box used to sit out and our younger one was always messing with it. Now it is behind closed doors. We also keep Brooks’ smaller toys pieces here away from Brody who finds everything “yummy”. I plan to put little locks on the doors for when Brody figures out how to get into the media stand. 
I spent months looking for the right rug for this space, and we are really happy with this one so far. It is soooo soft, and ties in the whole room. We have had the pouf in this space from the beginning, but I think it still works in here. It acts as the boys “table” for now. They wrestle and have major dance parties in this space, so we thought a table may cause an injury! I love that the space is open, so we may end up forgoing the table all together!

This half wall has been a problem for us from the beginning. It is why we were so hesitant to turn this room into a playroom in the first place. We can’t put a ton of toys on this wall because our little climbers could use them as a stool to jump right over…It is scary, and has kept us up at night. We have talked about closing the wall in so that we can feel more comfortable taking our eye off the boys for more than half a second! For now, no one has tried anything silly, but the second they even think about it, I expect the playroom to become closed in.

The tool table was gifted to Brooks for his first Christmas. It has always been here but before looked out of place. Now it is right at home in its very own playroom! We added these hanging baskets for more easily accessible toy storage. We anchor bolted them in, but we are still a little skeptical if they can withstand the boys. They hold puzzles, small trucks, and miscellaneous toys so I hope they do!

I tried to list all the sources, but if I forgot anything just let me know! I plan to write more details about the hidden storage all around this room, and the gallery wall soon. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Holmsund Sleeper Sofa// Ikea
Plaid Print Pillow Covers// Pottery Barn
Washed Velvet Pillow Covers// Pottery Barn
Blessed Grain Sack Pillow Cover// withlavenderandgrace
Throw// HomeGoods
nuLoom Shag Rug// Overstock
Pouf// RH Baby (no longer in white)
Curtains// World Market
Media Stand// World Market
Galvanized Containers// World Market
Wall Baskets// World Market
Abc/1,2,3 Sign// Painted Fox
Trains, Corbel, Hanging Galvanized Container, Birdcage, Letters, Nest// Found
Blessed// Shop Simply Inspired
Let Them Be Little// SmoresignsShop
Be Brave// Revelation House
Bookends// RH Baby
Clock, Book Rack, Galvanized Bucket// Hobby Lobby
Toy Containers// Target (not online)
Rocking Horse// Gifted

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