Rustic Gallery Wall in the Playroom

I wanted to stop by today to talk about the gallery wall in our playroom. Last week, I shared some tips for a rustic gallery wall (here) and shared our playroom progress (here). But today it is all about that rustic gallery wall above our couch. I have been dreaming about adding a gallery wall to the playroom for a very long time, and am so excited we finally did it. We have had a collection of items sitting on the bed in our guest room for months now, patiently waiting for the perfect combination of items and for the time to do it. After we hung everything, we both looked at each other and said “that was easy!”. I don’t know why we had it in our heads that it was going to be a major ordeal (maybe because life with two crazy boys is always an ordeal!).

Like I was saying, I have been collecting items for this wall for a long time. This is honestly my favorite thing about a gallery wall, it a collection of your favorite things for an exact space. Each wall in your house will call for a different arrangement and type of items, every gallery wall is truly unique! And you don’t necessarily need to buy new items for it. Use items you have, but love and aren’t using and work from there! We did a combination of new and old to fit the vision we had.

The only real challenge I came across was finding items that would be safe to hang above the couch. This was a playroom after all, and I was setting us all up for failure if I hung things that 1. could hurt someone, and 2. could break easily. Years ago, at one of my favorite antique stores I found a pair of old horseshoes that are one of my favorite finds ever. I always imagined hanging them to show off how unique they are. Well, one lift of them and by husband and I knew these beauties would not work. They are heavy. As in, if these fall and hit you on the head, we are going to have problems. And why create problems, when there are already enough naturally, right?!

So…when I was putting together this wall, my first thought for every single item was always can this be secured onto the wall and if a little boys yank it off will it hurt or break. I know, mom life! With this is mind, I also knew I wanted the wall to be more horizontal than vertical. When we were laying it out on the floor it looked a little awkward being so horizontal, but luckily when we transferred it to the wall we felt the horizontal alignment worked!

The first item that passed the test was this “Let Them Be Little” wood sign. My sister gifted it to us for Christmas and I knew I wanted it to be the highlight of the gallery wall. Next, we began looking at items we had and kept our eyes out for months for items that would compliment this rustic sign. Years ago, I came across this corbel at an antique shop, and literally hit my husband with excitement when I laid eyes on it! We have hung it in different places around the house, but never felt like it truly shined. I am so excited that we could incorporate it here, and think it really works well. It adds some dimension to the wall and has the perfect little ledge to add a plant for a pop of greenery! The last thing we hung was this “Blessed” metal sign, and it was also the final thing that I grabbed for this wall. We hung letters with command strips to spell out “dream” originally, but felt it dominated the wall (not in a good way). We ended up switching them out for this beautiful sign, and instantly the wall felt complete. I wanted it to be off center, for the perfectly imperfect look! Also, do not mind the little holes in the wall! They are from what we had hanging here prior to the gallery wall. We didn’t want to waste time fixing them now with shiplap covering them very soon.

The clock was on major clearance ($8) at Hobby Lobby, and I knew immediately it would be perfect for this wall. This clock is so practical for our playroom, because we are always running to the next activity. Both my husband and I have already remarked how convenient it is to have the clock right there to point out to our kiddos when it is time to get ready for school or bath. I have had that galvanized hanging container for years, and never really knew what to do with. I had always intended it for the laundry room, but never hung it. It was so fun finally hanging it on this wall, and adding the small globe and plant. Lastly, this “Be Brave Little One” sign was the only other item I purchased. When browsing Etsy one night, I came across it and loved the message. And that’s a wrap!

Ironically, the boys have not even noticed the gallery wall yet! We were so concerned about them grabbing the globe out and playing a quick game of catch. But so far, they are much more interested in the new toy arrangements. Fingers crossed it stays this way! It was so fun putting this gallery wall together for the playroom. There is so much freedom with gallery walls, and it is such a wonderful way to make your personal impact on your home. I encourage you to try one for yourself if you have pondered the idea! As always, thanks so so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!


Holmsund Sleeper Sofa// IKEA
Plaid Print Pillow Covers// Pottery Barn
Washed Velvet Pillow Covers// Pottery Barn
Blessed Grain Sack Pillow Cover// withlavenderandgrace
Throw// HomeGoods
Corbel, Hanging Galvanized Container // Found
Blessed Metal Sign// Shop Simply Inspired
Let Them Be Little// SmoresignsShop
Be Brave// Revelation House
Clock// Hobby Lobby
Plants// Ikea, Hobby Lobby





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