A Vintage Fireplace and Hutch in Our Front Room

I am just going to say it right now. I am going to sound like a very very broken record as I begin to share rooms in our new house. We have been here just over a month, so everything is a work in progress. Very much in progress. Walls are not painted the color they eventually will be, furniture is not in its permanent place (if there is even furniture), blinds need to be changed out, and the list goes on and on. But I promised to share the whole process with you. And part of that is showing you rooms in progress and taking you along for the ride. Even though it is against my instincts to show you any room not completely complete :).

On that note, today I am sharing two of my very favorite pieces we have ever owned. I love the stories they tell and the vintage vibe they give this front room. Other than those two pieces (and this rug I am in LOVE with) nothing else is super permanent in this room. Fresh paint, new blinds, a loveseat, side table, and floor to ceiling board and batten or wainscoting are on the to-do list. But for now I am loving the room just like this, as we wait for just the right pieces to make this room complete.

Do you ever have dreams of pieces of furniture you hope to one day add to your home? Well, I sure do… a lot. Especially with moving into a new home with lots of character, I have these dreams and visions all day long. Most are probably super unrealistic and many could be due to being 8 months pregnant, but either way I found two pieces straight out of my dreams for our front room!

When we toured the house the previous owners had what we are calling the front room set up as a dining room (before picture below). I knew immediately I did not want to keep it that way. This room is the very first thing you see when you walk in the front door, and I didn’t want a big old kitchen table staring at you. These big beautiful bay windows needed to be showed off, not hidden behind dining furniture! I also knew that I wanted this room to have a vintage fireplace. I told this to my husband before we even put an offer in, and he looked at me like, “Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves?”. But to me the wall was screaming for a vintage fireplace, what can I say? The next thing I envisioned for this room was an old hutch that could act as a display for dishes, but also stand alone as a piece of artwork.

Before we moved into our new house we found the hutch of our dreams. My husband actually found it first in one of our favorite antique stores, and I was so impressed that he had actually been listening to my endless descriptions of what I envisioned for that wall. We both loved the chippy gray paint and subtle wood tones of the piece and the extra storage it would give us. It is a total winner, and I think is meant for this wall! It was the first piece of furniture we brought into our new house, and made us so happy to have something so special in our front room to start us on this journey.

Next up, was finding the vintage fireplace. Easier said (and dreamed) then done. I scoured all my favorite stores and the internet and came up pretty flat. It wasn’t too concerning, as I knew this would be a hard one to find and never want to rush the process. I know that a house takes time, and that the right pieces will come along, you just have to be patient. Thus, why half our house is empty at the moment ;).

A few weeks after we moved into our house, we took the hour drive to one of my favorite antique stores. We had a great day, and found some fun little decor pieces but nothing too big. We were walking out towards what they call the “junk yard” on our way to the car, when my husband said “isn’t that what you have been looking for?”. And guys there it was, a dirt and spider web covered vintage fireplace. I was in such shock that I did not respond, so my husband said oh never mind and kept walking. Once I could speak again, I finally blurted out that he is the best ever and that is exactly it. It was a total steal to make it even that much sweeter! Everytime I see it it reminds me of that amazing family day we had searching antique stores and junk yards.

Here is how it looked when we found the fireplace and brought it home!

We knew right off the bat, we wanted the fireplace to be mounted here on the wall, but that we didn’t want to simply just hang it on the wall. It felt like too special of a piece to not give it a more built-in look. As mentioned above, I had been thinking about this vintage fireplace for a long time (even if it was in my pregnant dreams), so I didn’t even flinch at adding beadboard and a base to it.

Considering our life was completely bonkers at the time, we called a friend who said he could add the beadboard and base for us! He is so talented and simply the best! We debated with just distressing the already white beadboard or to give it a color to add some contrast. After much debate we decided to match the beadboard to the gray tones on the hutch. I am so happy we went with this look. The contrasting colors really allow all the amazing details of the actual vintage fireplace to show. Lastly, we gave this base a vintage reclaimed look by beating it up a bit. No other parts of the fireplace were touched because we thought it was just perfect in it’s chippy vintage state. I love how the base looks like it was always part of the fireplace! Next, we simply mounted it on the wall. And just like that we had the beginnings of our front room.

We wanted to keep the decor on the mantle super simple so that the vintage character of the fireplace did not get disguised. I added these two lanterns, greenery, and stainglass window I found at a market a few months ago. I just love the stainglass here! These candles give the room such a warm relaxing ambience in the evening. Of course this fireplace won’t be needing those logs anytime soon, but I had to have a basket of wood here, what can I say?! 

And now this vintage hutch! These two pieces were made for each other. They play off one another so well, while still letting each one shine. I also added these two chippy pillars that I have had for a while to either side of the hutch to add some symmetry (and more chippy goodness). I topped them with olive trees from HomeGoods to tie in all the greenery in the space.

I really can not get enough of this hutch. From the beadboard paneling, color variations, and extra storage. We added this gather sign above the hutch that used to hang in our entry way at the old house, a few corbels, greenery, and Rae Dunn pottery. This little corner of the room is one of my favorites! I love the warm feel it gives to the entry of our home. It is so nice to have this little space completed, while everything else is still such a work in progress.

This is a terrible picture, but this is what the room liked before we moved in!

So as you can see progress is being made! One day we will have a loveseat, table, and more decor in here but for now I couldn’t be more in love with these two vintage finds. I truly believe having pieces you love, find a connection with, and tell a story are more important than having a room totally complete! I hope you guys enjoyed a peak into our new house, and can’t wait to share more progress once it is made in this room. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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