Weekly Blooms – 30 Weeks Bump Update

I am so excited to be starting this series on the blog. As I mentioned, Weekly Blooms will be a way for me to share what’s going on in our lives weekly, our favorites, and just catch up. I thought it would be fun to kick it off with an update on my pregnancy! So let’s get right to it!

How far along: 30 weeks!

Gender: We have found out, but haven’t told everyone yet! So for now I will keep it a surprise on the blog ;).

Name: Yes, but we won’t be sharing with anyone until baby arrives! I love hearing the names the boys come up with, it is so so cute. Lately Baby River seems to be really sticking. My son’s best friend at school just had a baby brother born who they named Baby River, so he totally stole the name and is convinced he is original. Considering PoopyTot (boys and poop what is the deal!?), has been the front runner I will take suggestions of Baby River any day.

Weight Gain: 16 lbs. With both boys I gained exactly 20 lbs. So it’s looking like with this little one I will be going over that mark ;).

Feeling: Great! At my last appointment (27 weeks), I found out I was really anemic and it made sense because mama was feeling so so so weak and exhausted. Buying, selling, and moving to our new house all in 45 days on top of the holidays all caught up to me and I was sick. In the past week or so I have felt my energy come back (in bouts) and it feels so nice.

Movement: Lots! The kicks, swishes, and hiccups are always my favorite part of pregnancy. When I put my hand on my stomach at night I feel baby pressing up against it, and it makes me want it to stay in there forever (not really, but it’s so sweet!).

Cravings: Our eating habits are so wack from the move. Please tell me others didn’t eat a real meal for the first whole month they moved?! My main craving for the past month has been two hard boiled eggs, with sliced beets, drenched in honey mustard dressing. That has been my mainstay! Also carbs, give me all the pasta and meatballs!

Nursery Update: Guys, this is my biggest cause of anxiety right now! We have the crib and changing table from the boys but that is it! Usually by now the room has been done for months. I have been so busy with every other aspect of the house, that the nursery has fallen off the radar. But I plan to get on it ASAP!

Pregnancy Items I am loving: With it being the third babe, and most likely last I have been trying to stick with the maternity clothes I have from the past two. Anything I have purchased has been in my normal size or one up if I need something a little more cozy. My go to outfit is leggings (same size and style that I wear pregnant or not), open cardigan, and comfy tee shirt. My husband got these amazing slippers for me for Christmas, and if I could wear them out I would. NO bending involved, yes please! And extra bonus, they are on major sale right now (shop below). I also am loving this Sherpa lined cardigan. I have been wearing it nonstop and just purchased it in another color! My normal size fits perfect and will be great for nursing!  
SHOP here:

3rd Trimester favorites: It’s hard to believe I am well into my third trimester, other than the fact I can’t breathe very well or bend over ;). Here are a few items that I don’t think I could live without during the third trimester. This boppy wedge I have had since my first pregnancy over 4 years ago, and is by far the best maternity item I ever bought. It has been my key to successful sleep for all three pregnancies. And of course, give me all the cozy pajamas and leggings.

I hope you enjoy this new series, and if there is anything you would like to see me talk about just let me know. Have a wonderful long holiday weekend!

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