Weekly Blooms – Celebrating Two Months in Our New Home!

All week I have not been able to keep track of the day, but somehow I always know when it is Friday ;). And if it’s Friday it means another addition of Weekly Blooms! This week I thought it would be really fun to celebrate two months in our new house! Two months!! Some days it feels like this is the only place we have ever called home, and other days it feels like we just moved in. A few weeks ago I introduced you to our farmhouse (post here) and today I want to update you on life in our new home!

How long have you been in your new house?
Two months exactly on Monday!

What do you miss most about your old house?
Our neighbors. I really thought I was going to miss our actual home more, but I have been surprised on how I really don’t. My husband and I put so so so much manual work into that home, that I was extremely attached to it. But just like the saying goes “home is where your family is”, once our things were out and we no longer inhabited it, it was no longer our home. But I do miss my best girlfriends that were on either side of us. We would run into each other a couple times a day either in the front yard, or backyard, or just passing in our cars. There was such a comfortability with that, that I really miss.

What has been the hardest part of moving?
Being out of routine. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it was just me and my husband but being 8 months pregnant with two little ones is a whole different ball game. Thankfully we had some of the bigger renovations (for now) done prior to moving in! It made it much easier to get into a routine faster without people coming in and out of the house. It was also smack dab in the middle of the holidays so that obviously did not help with our routine either. Two months into it, I am SO happy to report we have found our groove and our routine is better than ever!

How did your kids handle the transition?
Guys I was so worried about the boys with this move. Like waking up in the middle of the night sobbing telling my husband I think we made a mistake. I was especially worried about our four year old, because his best friends were on either side of our house. But honestly, I was blown away with how well they transitioned. I read a lot of articles about moving with kiddos and they all said to put the emphasize on the new home, NOT  on what is being left behind. I really think this was the key to our successful transition! We also let them each pick out something for their new rooms before the move, and then they “moved” that item into their room. I keep waiting for the boys to ask about our old house, but it hasn’t happen! We learned that kids are more resilient than we think, it’s just all about how we approach the new event. There ages definitely helped as well, a few years from now it would probably be a whole different ball game!

Would you recommend moving right before having a baby?
Ummm….this is one is tough! I really think that answer is different based on each individual case. Did it add a lot of added stress? YES. Do I think I feel worse in my third trimester because of the move? Absolutely! But honestly it was all worth it, because I truly feel we ended up in the house that was meant for our family. Had we not done the move now, this would not be our home. I also love that we will be bringing baby #3 home to the house that we see ourselves in for a very long time.

What do you love most about your new home, now that you have been in it?
The layout! Which is funny, because if you look at my original answer to this question when we first bought the house it was the gazebo and outside. But… it is the middle of the winter and while we definitely have been outside a good bit, we spend more of our time inside for now. And the layout has proven to be so perfect for our family. Before we did not have an office or playroom, and now we don’t know how we did without either! The playroom is upstairs next to the bedrooms, and is definitely our favorite room in the house. It is SO amazing to have a designated space for toys and playtime. I also love that from the nursery I can see the playroom, once the baby comes it will be so nice to be able to nurse her in the rocking chair but also still keep an eye on the boys!

What is your favorite update you’ve done? 
We decided to go with no dining room for now and rather have that room be more a front room/fireplace room (post here). We had our carpenter build a breakfast nook in the bay window off the kitchen and living room (prior to us moving in) and it was worked out SO well! The boys eat every meal at the breakfast nook, and we have found that we eat together as a family more in this area because of the convenience of it being right off the kitchen. It also doesn’t hurt that it is such a cute little space that adds so much charm to our kitchen (will share soon!).     

Has the new house brought with it any surprises?
Yes! One evening right after we put the boys to bed, I was in the basement looking for bins of baby things and felt a drop of water fall on my head. I looked up to only get hit with another drop. I immediately grabbed my husband who went upstairs and located where the water was coming from….under the island sink! He opened the cabinet and it was flooded and had the worst stench. Well, guess what? There was a garbage disposal in the sink in our island, which we knew nothing about! And even better it did not work, and had probably been like that for quite a while. It wasn’t caught on inspection, and oh my gosh that gross water must have been sitting there for months. Thankfully we changed out the garbage disposal the next day and went on our way!

What progress has been made?
As mentioned in a previous post, we had the fireplace removed from the center of the living room/dining room, removed a few walls with weird built-ins in the living room, removed a closet from the hall to give extra space and a wall to decorate ;). We also gutted the existing mudroom and added a bench with storage, open lockers, and beautiful flooring. Our carpenter added a breakfast nook in the kitchen and built-ins in the office. That was all completed prior to us moving in! We have now changed out almost all the lighting in the whole house, added some kind of wood wall feature to all three of our kids’ rooms (half shiplap chair rail, reclaimed wood wall, and whitewash wall), painted a few rooms, added decor, and a vintage fireplace. All these things have made such a difference in the house feeling like home, but I can’t wait to keep picking away!

Office (post here)

DIY Whitewash Wall (post here)

Entryway (post here)

Front Room (post here)

What projects are up next?
Too many to count. But that is actually what I love about having a new house, making it your very own. Completing the nursery is on the top of the list, followed by doing some more painting, adding a love seat to the front room, new blinds in the whole house, and board batten or wainscoting in most of the downstairs area. I by no means have any illusions this will all be completed before baby comes, but sometime soon is all I can hope for ;).

I could go on and on about this journey over the past two months! But this pretty much covers it in a nut shell. It really has been the BEST move for our family, and everyday we wake up feeling so blessed to be here. Our journey to ending up here wasn’t always smooth and easy, but everything happened just as it was supposed to. Have a wonderful weekend, and as always thanks so much for stopping by!

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